your  dick  pic  in oil

Art, like beauty, is subjective and often leads to controversial views.




Art polarizes and provides a framework for putting serious social issues in a special


in a special, sometimes even new light.


That's what my new project is all about: @your_dick_pic_in_oil.


Here, the goal is not a purely pictorial representation of male genitals in oil colors


in oil colors - rather, it is about important, social taboo topics such as transgressive behavior


behavior, sexualization in the course of forming relationships, and the


reduction of the own person to size, form and appearance of the own genitals.


In the course of my work as a self-employed photographer and make-up artist, with an


own studio in Hamm (North Rhine-Westphalia), I have a lot of contact with customers and clients


who have strong self-doubts about their appearance. Not infrequently


of their experiences in the search for a partner and of the inconvenience of being


the first contact (especially in online dating) with intimate photos.


Photos to have been harassed.


This is also a widespread phenomenon in the "gay scene."


The anonymity of the Internet seems to further reduce the barriers to borderline violations and sexualization.


and sexualization.


"Victim empathy" and a sense of adequate relationship management are increasingly taking a backseat.


into the background.


Also, the reduction of one's own person and thus one's own value to one's sexual part,


inevitably takes place in this context. Last but not least


the number of genital cosmetic operations is increasing rapidly. Is this supposed to be the future


the future of relationship building in the world of online dating?


In order to depict this imbalance pictorially, I have made it my goal


precisely this human reduction and transgression provocatively captured on canvas.


on canvas. For this I have 15 men searched, who have declared themselves ready


to act as a model. I get with my artwork shame and power occupied


topics from the "Schmuddelecke" and give them so a new face to integrate them into the


to integrate them into the social consciousness.


My message therefore relates to the respectful treatment of themselves and


others. Here I would like to emphasize urgently: "Men (and women) love your body as it is.


your body as it is, do not define your value by the size of your genitals and


respect the boundaries of your counterpart." 




Only together can new paths be paved and change be achieved.






change for a moment by Rüdiger Guhl


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3 1/2 months of work captured on 40 pages 💪🏻.


From now on there is my @your_dick_pic_in_oil project to go!


The catalog edition shows you the COMPLETE project in high resolution (photographed by me in the studio) including info.


Photorealistic penis painting in POPART style.

Colorful as a photo print in the format 21 x 21 cm.


If you are interested send me a PN with the message CATALOG and get your copy signed by me.


Price : 10€ plus postage.




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