Rudi's work is simply incredible and takes makeup and photography to a whole new level.

Rudi sees the special in women and always manages to conjure new sides out of one with his brush.

And then there it is: the magic moment! When you see yourself in the mirror for the first time and ask yourself, "Wow, is that really me?!"

...and as soon as the transformation is perfect, you slip fully into the role.

Through the minimal but perfect instructions during the subsequent shoot, the last uncertainties and doubts quickly fall away, and nothing stands in the way of the perfect picture.

I wish every woman once in a lifetime to make this experience. Discover new sides of you and make a change: change for a moment!



Rudi is not just an artist, but above all a human being. He puts all his personality and heart and soul into his projects and the success proves him right. I have had the honor to work with him many times and it was a perfect all-round package every time. He celebrates every step with his humor and incredible talent. The result is just as important as the process. To witness, piece by piece, being transformed is exciting every time. Those who put themselves in his hands can be sure of one thing: it will be a success!



Well, how can I put it... I'm turning 60 next month and have had a pretty big problem with it so far. On my 59th birthday, I told my guests that and that I will not celebrate it, but go away or best to hole up. Then came the video shoot and you, Rudi, made me up and styled me soo super that when I saw myself I thought to myself, "Whoops, you don't look 60 at all!" I got so much positive feedback!!! My ego is boosted and now I am much more relaxed about my birthday. So a "change for a moment" can also be not only for a moment, but achieve a much greater effect!!! Thank you dear Rudi for this wonderful experience! You are an artist!


The video shoot was a highlight for me. I always wanted to be professionally made up and restyled. The result was awesome! The whole day was so much fun, also thanks to the great camera team; the guys are mega.

Rudi, thank you so much for this terrific day!!!


 My statement: I have loved to transform myself since I was a child. I was constantly slipping around the apartment in my mom's high heels. There I was 3! ?? But Rüdiger showed me a new dimension of transformation. A brushstroke here, a shading there; perfectly drawn lips and my narrow mouth became a pout. Zack - the wig on my head and I was what I always wanted to be: Marilyn Monroe! And that after only one hour! Thank you for this great experience. Rüdiger, you know how to make women happy! .....

In March 2017, the coincidence has brought me to Gerblingerode.

Once to be photographed by a professional, made up and styled, was long a dream.

Thanks to dear Anita and Facebook, this wish came true.

Breathtaking - fabulous - joyful tears ...-not only my wish came true - a stunning styling - incredible - terrific pictures and behind it a very wonderful, emphatic and sensitive person who not only understands his craft but also touches the heart; moves me to tears at the first look in the mirror!

Since that time I follow our dear Rudi with great admiration!

Then came the call for his image video.

On September 6th I applied without great expectations and unbelievably got an invitation to Hamm to shoot the video.

The fact that I had to travel about 400 km could not stop me. The joy (along with a little pride) was so great that I quickly packed my mom and we went on 20.10. on the way to Rudi in the art quarter in Hamm.

Anticipation - excitement - fear ...- everything was there.As soon as we arrived at Rudi's, the excitement increased ... I have never been part of such a project before. We were welcomed by such great people - the atmosphere was brilliant - the fear vanished ...

The day remains unforgettable ... the result a masterpiece in the truest sense !   ...and I was there 😊



I was really looking forward to this day; even came early from vacation and had to take my parents from Slovakia, because I could not manage the long distance alone (1500 km and a small baby on board).

Make-up is my daily bread. I put on makeup every day, I like it rather discreet and inconspicuous, but nevertheless I very rarely leave the house without makeup. I never put makeup on my lips.

Rüdiger has shown me that it's worth trying something new and not always sticking to the old habits.


For me, the day with Rudi was something very special. I am 39 years old and I have nothing to do with makeup. I have a large fire stain on my face and it was always too troublesome for me to remove it. I am glad and grateful that I was able to experience this day and have a day without the port-wine stain. The video shoot was mega fun and a very cool experience! Thank you so much for everything!!!!


I couldn't believe it when you messaged me about being one of your models. I was like, "Oh, you try your luck." Then the time came and I was allowed to put myself in your hands and in no time at all you turned me into a Hollywood diva. I was so overwhelmed, all of a sudden I had eyebrows and full lips and just looked great without being a stranger to myself. I can only thank you for this terrific day. Thank you Rudi for helping me to polish up my self-confidence again. Thank you dear camera team, that you had such an angel patience. And dear girls: thank you for letting me get to know you.


It's very nice to be a part of this great video .The day with Rüdiger was just fantastic!I absolutely did not know what to expect... so unmade up, undone... and then it went off... He is a master at what he does: creative, passionate, perfect! In the end, there was the absolute "wow result"! MEGA! A wonderful person & artist. Thank you again!


With my 36 years, I have not gained much experience with makeup.

I am rather the natural, reserved type and therefore dare nothing to try new or elaborate.

The day with you, dear Rudi, brought tears to my eyes! To see what you transformed me into was incredible for me.

You gave me back my self-confidence that day, the sparkle in my eyes.

My eyes you liked the most.

Dear Rudi and also dear camera team, it is still an unforgettable experience for me and I am very grateful to you.

Thank you for everything and all the best for the future.

I may call myself a mature woman with almost 50 years, which was allowed to experience many facets in life.

But this said day with you, dear Rüdiger, has touched me so much... I looked curiously like a twenty-year-old in the mirror... and all my facets you brought to light!

I thought some had been lost in the years.... it is not!!!!

I THANK YOU for giving back.


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  • #4

    Svenja (Samstag, 12 Februar 2022 15:24)

    Ich hatte letzte Woche Dienstag mein Shooting und ich war sooo positiv überrascht wie schön ich geschminkt aussehen kann.
    Das pushed mich bzw mein ego grad enorm, zu wissen wie ich aussehen kann wenn ich wollte...

    Danke für die mega Erfahrung :)

  • #3

    Claudia (Sonntag, 11 November 2018 20:41)

    Rudi, es war mir eine große Freude und Ehre das ich Teil etwas ganz großem sein durfte/darf.
    Der Tag war mega aufregend und hat so viel Spaß gemacht.
    Was du aus jedem einzelnen gezaubert hast, ist der Wahnsinn.
    Good Job Meister :-)

  • #2

    Carmen Guhl (Freitag, 09 November 2018 14:29)

    Ich habe mich zum zweiten Mal in Deine Hände begeben und wieder war ich sehr glücklich, doch noch soo schön aussehen zu können. Ich habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt, Dich den ganzen Tag begleiten zu dürfen. Der Video Dreh hat voll Spass gemacht, es ging nur ,wie alles Schöne zu schnell vorbei! Mach weiter so mein Lieber und ich hoffe, dass noch ganz viele Menschen sich von Dir verzaubern lassen,denn das ist das Gefühl was man nachher hat! Sich verzaubert fühlen! Danke lieber Rudi für diesen wundervollen Tag!�

  • #1

    Ricky (Donnerstag, 08 November 2018 23:06)

    Dieser Tag war so wundervoll und ich bin so stolz das ich eins deiner Models sein durfte. Die ganze Aufregung war weg als ich mich in deine Hände begeben habe. Es ist einfach der Wahnsinn was Du zauberst. Für deine großartige Kunst gibt es einfach keine Worte, das muss Man(n) / Frau selbst erlebt haben. Dieser Moment wenn man in den Spiegel schaut und sich sieht, da bleibt einem die Spucke weg. Ich kann es jeden nur empfehlen es einmal auszuprobieren , dieser Change for a Moment Day, den werde ich nie vergessen.