change for a moment - once a star and back!



There is a diamond in every one of us ... also in you ...


Have you always wanted to feel like a real model or even slip into the role of your favorite star? Or do you simply need a dose of self-esteem because you are at war with your reflection in the mirror and find yourself anything but beautiful?


Then change for a moment is just the right thing for you!


From my own experience I know how much self-doubt and lack of self-confidence can get in the way. In addition, there is the daily influence of the fashion industry and the "red carpet society", by which many people are blinded. I wanted to make a statement and show that a majority of these radiant cover faces are not almighty natural beauties, but a clever symbiosis of makeup art and photoshop. First and foremost, I wanted to prove that there is a stunning model in almost every one of us and that no one has to "keep themselves small" because of their appearance.


 That's how my "baby" change for a moment was born a good 10 years ago.


In change for a moment you will experience a unique transformation that will literally leave you speechless - and without any photoshop!


This three-hour shooting lives from the before/after effect. So you come as a "normal" in my studio, take a seat in front of a hung mirror and give yourself confidently into my hands. I will then skilfully put you in the limelight with professional make-up and hair styling. Of course, I will be guided by your personal wishes. Then comes my favorite part: I lift the mirror and you can marvel at your transformation with your own eyes! So that you can always remember this experience, we conclude the shooting with some cool photos, of which you can take some of your favorite pictures home with you.


The special thing about my offer is that you get all services from one source: Say - I alone am your service provider: starting with the make-up, to the hair styling, to the photo shoot. So you do not have to constantly adjust to new people, but all alone to me.


 So what are you waiting for? Dare and let me bring your diamond to shine!


 I am looking forward to you!


Festive styling with WOW effect!




There are days in our lives that are simply unique, breathtaking and unforgettably beautiful! So that we can enjoy such special days with all our senses, it is important that we feel completely comfortable in our skin. With my festive styling I would like to help you to this feeling of well-being.


Depending on the occasion, I offer you a professional make-up and hair styling. I will cater to your personal wishes and ensure with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that you feel like a star even before your grand entrance.

make up course

Just do it yourself ;-)




Do you already know how to use a make-up brush or are concealer, foundation, blush and highlighter just "Bohemian villages" for you? 


Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional - in my make-up course I will pass on my knowledge to you and show you how you can look fresh and radiant every day. In the two-hour course, I will individually address your skin type and face shape. Together we will work out a professional foundation and put your eyes in the spotlight with a perfectly coordinated eye make-up.